Citizens’ Voluntary Initiative for the City(CIVIC), Bangalore is actively looking for citizens to volunteer with the initiative. With over 27 years of experience in research, advocacy and intervention in Bangalore, it offers a great opportunity for citizens to learn about the history of civil society activism and it’s current nature. CIVIC works across all the sectors that concern citizens of Bangalore, including provision of basic services like water, food, health, sewage and garbage disposal etc., with special focus on the issues of the urban poor. What sets CIVIC apart is it’s focus on empowering citizens to demand delivery rather than acting as agents in delivery. This means increased focus on creating spaces for citizens to demand accountability for delivery of basic services, from Areas Sabhas for overall governance to Grievance Redressal meetings for specific services, like PDS and Health services.

Join us if you would like to contribute in any way possible. We are always looking for more hands on deck. We would verily appreciate undergraduate and graduate students of Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Law, Media, Social Work, Engineering, Urban design and planning, interested in understanding local participatory democracy, politics and service delivery.

We are specially looking for someone to manage our weekly updates on a WordPress website and Facebook page. We also need students enthusiastic about research and policy making to help with policy briefs.

Reach out to us on the mail id’s below with a short cover letter on what you do, what issues bother you the most about Bangalore and how you would like to contribute at CIVIC.

For more about CIVIC’s work, check the About Us page

Email Id :-    info@civicspace.in    akrishnaprasanth@gmail.com  kchamaraj@gmail.com