Right To Information

All of CIVIC’s work at the field/ward level and advocacy at the city level is propelled by use of RTI as a creative tool. It is used to get preschools sanctioned in slums, revival of old age pension to rangamma or to creat a grievance redressal mechanism in the system. It is being used as a tool to access public services. It is also being used as a tool to build good governance mechanisms.

In each of the working domains – urban governance, food, water, health, education and SJSRY scheme, CIVIC is pushing for establishing Suo Motu disclosures in the Public Authorities. It is also working on building Monthly Programme Implementation Calendar in each of these Public Authorities.

At another level, CIVIC works with Karnataka Information Commission and Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms, the nodel agency for implementation of RTI in the state to better its implementation with regular meetings and follow-ups with partners.

A docufeature on RTI, a visual guide for the common man to apply and get informatio, there by also get the work done is being produced. Leaflets in both Kannada and English is available for anyone to know and use RTI in thier daily lives or for the community purposes.