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Urban Governance

Even after 20 years of its existence, the spirit of 74th CAA (Nagarapalika Act) is yet to permeate in to the Urban Governance process in Bengaluru. It is much waunted in other corporations, cities and towns of Karnataka too. CIVIC Bangalore is working with government for better implementation of 74th Constitutional Amendment Act 1992 in Bangalore through advocacy. The recent state seminar on the subject where representatives from across the state participated echoed the sentiments to the governament.

Work also involves bringing transparency, accountability and public participation in urban governance at the city level AND pushing for building a grievance redressal mechanism at the city/ward level. It is pushing for participatory planning, budgeting and monitoring at the ward levels.

Recently the state government passed a bill to institutionalize community participation in urban local bodies. The bill is deficient in many aspects and CIVIC is advocating with the state government on betterment of this bill.