SJSRY is a flagship program of the centre for urban poverty eleviation that envisages eradicating urban poverty through livelihood programs. It also envisages converging all welfare schemes into one single window.

CIVIC is involved in strenthening Community Development Society (CDS) by becoming one of the member and empowering CDS members on SJSRY schemes with tools and techniques. A city level platform of CDS’s is being built to push the BBMP to implement this scheme vigorously AND to create a Single Window System to deliver all social schemes.

CIVIC’s analysis if current level of implementation has provided a basis for all to come together and advocate with the BBMP and the nodal agency in the state, the DMA (Directorate for Muncipal Admnistration). A booklet that simplifies the SJSRY to the common man was released in a citylevel programme by BBMP and DMA.