CIVIC works on the PHCs serving the two locations, transparency in thier service by analysing and social audit to verify if the services are reaching the intended. It is pushing the institutions to put out suo motu disclosures in thier premises, Ex: a board that is displayed now about the costed services and free services has made a difference to the people’s appraoch and brings down level of corruption. The citizen participation platform – Rogi Kalyan Samithi – is being revived. Staff have started penning thier Job Charts. CIVIC was able to bring in Anganwadis to two slums, which were absent in the last thirty years.

CIVIC works with the health department to bring systemic changes so that the urban poor will be able to accesses better health services. Working on proactive disclosure of maternity home, speciality hospital and district hospital has yielded results in the Information Commision.

Constant followup of a case has led to a departmental hearing and steps to establish and institutionalise grievance redressal mechanism in the health institutions.