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We request your presence as an attendee in Swaraj for Cities (Episode 2) IRL (Hybrid) event titled Urban Governance in Karnataka
In this edition of Swaraj for Cities, we hold the lens on the state of Karnataka, for the progress it has made in its urban centres, in terms of decentralisation, devolution and subsidiarity. Is there a conscious effort to ensure that there is planned growth and urban governance as prescribed in our constitution?
Join us for a full day event at the Bangalore International Centre, for a series of sessions, with eminent experts and diverse personalities, as we explore the question of Karnataka’s cities and a special session on Bengaluru, its capital city, which has been coming under increasing scrutiny, and garnering negative attention, with even the Supreme Court chastising it for unplanned growth, and  media articles terming it a ruined city. Can Bengaluru find its way out of the quagmire it is in?

Swaraj for Cities is a nationwide initiative to help shape ‘Self Governance of Cities’. It is a year-long series of webinars, hybrid conferences, and publications that focuses on the Urban Challenge that India faces, that of Planned and Orderly Growth, and better governance of our cities, towns and peri-urban areas; that is, the fulfilment of the promise of the 74th Amendment of our Constitution. It has been initiated in collaboration with Habitat Forum INHAF, Citizens Agenda for Bengaluru, CIVIC Bangalore, PRAJA Foundation, and Making Model Gurugram.

Date: 12th August 2023 (Saturday)
Time: 9.30 am – 3 pm IST
Please register your participation by clicking on the link below: bit.ly/registerforSFCPlease find the Poster along with the Schedule attached below. Do share this invitation widely amongst your network. 
We look forward to your presence. INHAF’s previous Webinars can be found here.
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