• About the Organization:  Citizens’ Voluntary Initiative for the City of Bangalore (CIVIC Bangalore),  a voluntary citizens’ initiative emerged in 1990-91 as a forum for discussion and action on issues impacting Bangalore, its development and future. Realizing decentralization in the urban context, through the implementation of the 74th Constitutional Amendment, has been our aim. Our aim has not been to supplement or supplant government services but to make the government deliver on its promises to the people.  We have worked with the state and local governments and the general public, advocating for the desired changes. By focusing on democracy, decentralization and public participation, our activities promote good governance, inclusiveness, and improvement of service delivery. 

Manifesto Analyst:

Key Responsibilities: Help measure & share performance of Karnataka State Government by

  • Compiling list of promises made by the incumbent party in it’s manifesto and compiling demands from citizens’ manifesto
  • Analyzing government department websites, public media to identify progress on manifesto promises & demands
  • Filing and proactively following up on RTIs, visiting Government departments
  • Create impactful content to communicate information

Representatives Analyst

Key Responsibilities: Help measure & share performance of Bengaluru’s public representatives by:

  • Compiling list of questions raised by Bengaluru’s MLAs from the Legislative Assembly’s website in the current term. 
  • Access attendance rate of Bengaluru’s MLA in the Legislative Assembly
  • Translating questions related details from Kannada to English
  • Other responsibilities such as filing RTIs, visiting Government departments

Labour Analyst

Key Responsibilities: Help measure the implementation of Labour Department’s GOs on Construction Workers’ welfare by:

  • Filing RTIs to get status of GO implementation
  • Speaking with Government Officials and liaison work to gather information
  • On-site visits to check Construction Workers’ children creches
  • Other activities including like research and writing work.

Key Requirements:

  • Passion/strong interest in policy making, politics and democracy
  • Proficiency in reading and writing Kannada
  • Experience with using Excel and navigating websites
  • Good work ethic, prompt communication skills

Period of Internship: 2 months (extendable based on performance and availability of roles)

Remuneration: No (a certificate will be shared after the internship period) 

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