Mukti launches ‘Udayonmukha’, an association of released bonded labourers of Karnataka

‘Mukti’ is an alliance to fight against bonded labour & human trafficking’. CIVIC is one of its core committee members. Mukti is facilitated by the International Justice Mission (IJM) which is in the forefront of getting bonded labourers released. It has taken the pioneering step, the first in the country, of forming an association of released bonded labourers from across Karnataka called “Udayonmukha”.

At the launch of “Udayonmukha” at Ramanagaram on Monday, 16th December 2019, officials from several departments of Ramanagaram district attended and spoke about the various loan and other schemes of their departments and asked the released bonded labourers to apply for them.  Speaking on behalf of Mukti Core Committee, CIVIC’s Executive Trustee, Ms Kathyayini Chamaraj said, “This is ironical as the officials first of all do not do their duty of releasing the mandated Rs. 20,000 as immediate relief to the bonded labourers and allot them the five acres of land, or Rs. 20 lakh in lieu thereof, within time-frames. Many of the released bonded labourers said that they have not received either the 20,000 or the five acres of land even years after their release”.

Officials need to take pro-active steps to reach the schemes of their department to the identified and released bonded labourers on priority instead of asking them to apply for the schemes by running from pillar to post.