Summary Note of the Meeting held on Sunday 4th march 2012.

Share the expectations and problems area wise or issue wise-

o Explained the ward map. – 2. 6 sq km. Nagawara ward- doesn’t include Nagawara.

o ………. Regarding model town- the team has planned to work in 3 areas of ward on water and sanitation without seeking any help from the department. Mr. Musheer Ahmed is developing plan for this.

o Byrappa L/O Mr. Ahmed- working with orphan children on schooling

· Key issues highlighted: problem in electric pole, drinking water.

· Request: To show outcome of any meeting for promoting more community participation. (no outputs from 3 GRMs conducted by CIVIC).

· Question asked- who should follow with the department on submitted grievance report

o Veeresh to initiate first then support the volunteer team to follow-up.

o To show the progress in work, in the follow up GRMs, the status of the previously submitted GRMs to provided to the community. And it is also important to showcase the success stories.

· Asha- Prioritisation of the grievances submitted to follow-up and to announce it to the community for their information.

· Problem after water GRM: Valve man and department feel that community worked against them. Thus creating problem in water supply. The frequency of water supply from twice a day is shifted to once in four days. This need to be rectified.

· Mr. Ajmal of Prashanth Nagar welfare trust: works on electoral role. Stated that water is the major problem of his area and the next being severage.

· Azad nagar RWA: top priority was to list the people in electoral role and to get voter’s id to get appropriate share of the budget as per the population of the area. He also highlighted on the lack of proper address proof to the area as they were not provided with proper door numbers.

o Recommended to organise special meeting with revenue officer of the area to solve the problem.

· Health- No Health center, No ANM visits. Earlier doctor used to visit the area in a room for an hour per day which hhas been stopped. People has to go to KG Halli health center.

· Edcuation- no high schools. Primary schools lack infrastructure.

· Mr. Saleem, works with disabled children. Currently there are 70 disabled children who need special school. But no schools in the area. One school at Valmikinagar.

o Priority: integrated schools that admits disabled children.

· Gogappa L/O: multi communal people resides, notable slum area of the ward. No anganwadi present. Water, SWM are the major problem.

· Welfare scheme beneficiaries: no legal documents with the community to avail. Lack of awareness on how to apply.