CIVIC gets an Anganwadi Centre through RTI

CIVIC gets an Anganwadi Centre through RTI to the children of Rajeevgandhi Nagar

The need of an Aganwadi Center was identified through baseline survey, which indicated 58 numbers of children in the age group of 0-6 years.

It is the responsibility of the Government (Dept of Women & Child Development – DWCD) to provide an Anganwadi Center for 40 and more children as per the SC order NO: PUCL vs. Union of India & Ors. Civil WP No.196/2001 date13th December 2006.
CIVIC followed this process:

06-04-2010: A formal application requesting for an Anganwadi Center was submitted by CIVIC with the People’s Committee to the Director and Deputy director – DWCD
06-05-2010: No action or communication was received. A RTI was filed asking about the departmental norms/rules that need to be followed on the original application AND actions taken on the original applications to both the Director & Deputy director – DWCD) till this day.

26-05-2010: An order was passed by the government sanctioning the Anganwadi Center (attachment) and asking the CDPO to take further actions.

07-06-2010: Deputy director – DWCD replied for the RTI application (see attachment for more) saying the CDPO has initiated the survey of children and necessary steps.

26-06-2010: An Anganwadi teacher is allotted. She visited Rajeevgandinagar to discuss with the community and to find out the building facility to start the center.

The formal discussions are on with the Taluk Panchayat for place and salary of the teacher by the DD. The outcomes in little time have shown the community of its rights and ways in which, particularly through RTI, to access them.