Article in Deccan Herald Right to vote has hurdles to cross dt 8.2.13

The Election Commission is briskly at work readying the electoral rolls for the Assembly elections due in Karnataka this year. But will voters really find their names on the roll on election day or will they come back disappointed without being able to exercise their fundamental right to vote – the very first step to participate in a democracy? Though the Representation of the People Act (RPA), 1950, says that anyone who is above 18 years, is ‘ordinarily resident’ in a constituency, is a citizen of this country, is not of unsound mind or convicted of certain crimes, has the right to vote, many are the hurdles being faced by several citizens to get the right to vote through inclusion of their names in the electoral roll.
Year: February, 2013
Author: Kathyayini Chamraj
Published in: Deccan Herald

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