Civil Society Forum’s “

Manifesto for Development of Bengaluru

in next five years”

Nagavara Residential Welfare Association and Bengaluru Eshanya Mahavedike’s Public meeting with Local Corporators conducted at Muzzamil Mosque Compound, Govindapura, held on 17.09.2015 at 12 noon.


Clippings on ward committee meeting held on 15.6.13

Clippings on the ward committee meeting held on 15.6.13

A suggested protocol for ensuring retention of vulnerable children and for bridging OOSC and child labourers to re-join the mainstream.

Subject: Extract of our suggestions on the final version of RTE Rules
sent to you for approval
PART 1 PRELIMINARY - Short Title, Extent and Commencement
Section 2(1): Definitions for ‘Free education’ and ‘Drop-out’ need to be added as
(q) ‘Free’ education’ means:
 freedom from payment of any... more