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Subject: Tree felling to widen roads of Bangalore
CIVIC is deeply concerned that despite the lengthy meeting of Hasiru-Usiru (of
which CIVIC is a part) with Mr. Shekar (DCF), BBMP, and others in late August,
where we raised several policy lacunae in the... more

Subject: State-Level Empowered Committee Meeting on JNNURM on 8th
December 2010 - Request to take immediate steps to correct the anomalies in
BSUP-JNNURM implementation
Reference: CIVIC’s study report from 20 slums of Bengaluru on BSUP-
JNNURM implementation... more

1. Anomalies in the delineation of polling booth areas (PBAs), Sections and PBA maps
in electoral rolls
2. Request to extend the deadline of 10 th March 2008 for finalisation of electoral rolls in
Karnataka in order to set right the above... more

Subject: Issues regarding the decision to widen more than 200 roads in Bangalore, displace
lakhs of people and fell hundreds of road-side trees

CIVIC Bangalore and SHRED (Shanthinagar Residents’ Development Association), who are
constituents of VOTE BENGALURU, have been analysing the electoral rolls as on
01.01.2008 of Assembly Constituency No. 84, Ward 70 (Shanthinagar, BBMP), as a
sample, and wish to bring to... more

The basic purpose of the 74th CA, as expressed in Article 243, i.e.,
“Planning for economic development and social justice”, has been a
forgotten mandate. Urban development has come to mean only more and
... more