, Shri. Dinesh Gundu Roa, Hon’ble Minister, participated as Chief Guest  in the  State Level Public Consultation on PDS system in November 2014. He  promised to address all their grievances  on a fast track basis and also explained various programmes being implemented by the Department. Shri. Dinesh Gundu Roa has blamed the delay in completion of verification of  BPL ration cards to the technical glitches in the database of election commission.  He explained the decision of the state government to  establish its own ration outlets so that all issues related to distribution could be pre-empted.

The Hon'ble Minister  implemented  CIVIC's suggestion which was presented in the Consultation. The suggestions are as follows which was implemented in the month of January 2015

The unit system of 5kg per person is being brought in again and that the ceiling or  cap of 5 units per family is being removed and every individual being given an entitlement.  

The decision to give food grains to APL card holders

pulses and oil should be given through the PDS is also under consideration.  




Mr.Chetan Keshav - President, All India Residents Welfare Associations

Mr. Chetan Keshav  has led the network of  Residents Welfare Association  in the country.


Mr. Chetan Keshav  participated in the Mass Protest Dharna organised by CIVIC and other Civil Society Organisations in Bengaluru in November 2014. The Dharna was organised to pressurize the state government to remove the "Veto Power" of the Corporators and  to facilitate in effective functioning of the Ward Committees and Area Sabhas in Karnataka

Shri. Chandre Gowda - Food Inspector, Nagwara Ward, Bangalore

Shri. Chandre Gowda, Food Inspector, Food and Civil Supplies Department, Government of  Karnataka, He is incharge of Nagwara Ward in Bengaluru. 



Shri. Chandre Gowda participated in Grievance Redressal Meeting  held on 15-11-2014 at Nagwara Ward. The GRM was jointly organised by CIVIC and Nagwara Residents Welfare Association. Shri. Chandre Gowda, CIVIC team  and Nagwara Residents Welfare Association  worked together to address all  issues related to ration cards of  residents including the urban poor living in the slum.  About 600 residents were able to get ration cards between November 2014 and January 2015.  A Model system for Fast Track Processing of Ration Cards  was implemented in Nagwara Ward which can be replicated by the Food and Civil Supplies department in other wards of Bengaluru.