Mr.Devinder Sharma writing on his timeline about kathyayini's Work

Kathyayini Chamaraj presents CIVIC's work at Fireflies during their annual February Dialogues on Sustainable Development attended by an international crowd was much appreciated.  Sathyaprakash Varanashi, our former trustee was the moderator.  Mr. Devinder Sharma, well-known columnist who was present has written on his facebook timeline as follows.  He has said that the government has accepted that 6 lakh children are out of school (they have not), which kathyayini have corrected by writing on his timeline as follows:

Thank you for your kind words of appreciation, Mr. Sharma. But just a small amendment. I have analysed the government's own enrolment figures to show that out of 78 lakh children who got enrolled in the last seven years in the 1st standard, only 72 lakhs are currently enrolled in the 2nd to 7th standards, showing that 6 lakhs have dropped out. But while accepting that my analysis based on their figures is correct, they are claiming that their own figure of 78 lakhs is itself unreliable for various reasons, such as the same child getting enrolled in several schools at the same time in the 1st standard or teachers inflating the numbers so that they are not transferred, etc. They have hence not accepted that 6 lakh children have dropped out. The High Court ordered them to conduct a fresh survey to find out the true figures and they are now saying that 1.7 lakh children are out of school which is being disputed by other NGOs. But this figure is anyway more than three times their earlier figure of 54,000. But the more important result is that the High Court has asked them to devise an Action Plan to ensure that no child drops out in the future.